Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Team Yeatman! I’m loving our Spring Break trips to the OR coast, and celebrating my birthday with my two favorite people! Nice and simple, but…I kinda get to call the shots all day long, so that’s a nice treat.


Sunset Bay, right across the road from Sunset Bay State Campground where we camp. Obviously sunset it was it’s known for. There are also some great tide pools at low tide.
I kid you not, a few hours after this picture was taken the dog and the kiddo were throwing up all over the backseat of Mark’s truck. At least we had hours of fun in the sun, on the beach before things took a sick turn. We spent all the next day lounging in the trailer playing games, cuddling, and watching DVD’s. 
Wine, a book, and the beach…my idea of relaxing!

Most of all I like that we have no service, so it really is a week of time with my babe and baby and no phones, internet, outside world intruding too much.


We took the truck out on the sand dunes, got stuck, got unstuck, had a blast, found a beach that we had all to ourselves, and Sky got to drive!
They both love the water and running free down the beach.


I love the focused together time, so thankful life allows us to sneak away for a week to relax and just be together.

So much fun, so worn out.




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