Spring – Where Are You?!

Spring, I’m here for you! I’m ready for longer days, more blue sky, and sun. Winter came on late and fierce and I’m kinda over it. But, I’m trying to have a good attitude and appreciate each season, that’s part of the beauty of living in the PNW…four distinct seasons.

Snow, snow, go away and please don’t come back another day!

In the meantime I’m doing a few things so we can hit the Spring ground running and enjoy it!

  1. Spring Cleaning is going to happen right now! Even if it’s cold and dreary outside, feeling Spring clean on the inside makes it easier to get through the last bit of winter.
  2. Garden planning. It’t too early to plant, but I’m putting together my plan and doing things a little different this year. It’s fun to look forward to fresh produce grown in my own yard!
  3. We cleared out some outgrown yard toys and I now have a lot more room for flowers! Again, a bit too early to plant but I’m expanding my usual flower game and branching out to plants and flowers that I haven’t done before!
  4. Trip planning! Spring Break is coming (and we don’t have a plan yet…yikes!) and right after that it’s Summer Break! Planning warmer weather trips during winter give me something to look forward to!
  5. Daily activity has been a lifesaver. Last winter hit me kind of hard, and that has never happened before. This time around I have been intentional about getting my daily activity in. It could be a HIIT workout, a long walk, or 10 minutes of stretching (I have 6 different physical activities I rotate through during the week) whatever it is it gives me at least 10 minutes, often more, of me time. And I feel so much more focused and calm. And, I’ve been feeling great this winter (so far…it’s not over yet).
  6. Embracing home. We don’t travel nearly as much to visit family, camp or vacation during the winter months. I LOVE being home, love, love, love it. While I love our adventures as well, spring and summer find us gone a lot. I’ve really made it a point to enjoy being cozy at home, soak up all the home time, so when the adventures kick back into high I’ll be ready to get away!
  7. Rain Boots – Spring in the PNW means rain and I’m on the lookout now for a wild, fun pair of rain boots to stomp through puddles in!
  8. Rose all day. Ok, well not all day, and not even every day. But there is something about drinking a “summer” wine that makes winter easier to deal with. I close my eyes and picture myself lakeside on a hot day in the sun! Which is more Summer than Spring, but Spring is the gateway to Summer!

I think we probably all have our coping tricks to get through seasons in life and Mother Nature. I really try not to wish time away, so I’m making the most of the current season while excitedly waiting for the next one!

Happy almost Spring!

Live for these blue sky winter days. It’s cold, but the sun feels so good! 


Getting outside for a little fun, even when it’s chilly, feels so refreshing, and makes me look forward to longer days and better weather so we can do this every day!

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