Thankful Thursday



Today I’m thankful I’m not a Federal Employee who is working without pay, or not able to work at all because of the shutdown. Most people in this country can’t get by if they miss even one paycheck.

The potential fallout from the shutdown continuing could be catastrophic for some. Sadly with such a volatile and unpredictable person (who won’t feel any personal financial impact BTW) in charge who knows how/when it will end.

Until then I’m thankful Mark and I have jobs that are secure, and we will do what we can to help those we love that may be impacted.

On to something happy…

Who doesn’t love rainbow ponies and little cowgirls?! Throwing it back a few years with this one because it makes me happy and the state of current affairs is too much sometimes.


What are you thankful for today? What makes you smile?

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