Rotten Fruit

This is my absolute favorite time of year at Fort Steilacoom Park. There are a few leaves starting to change color, it’s sunny, but cooling off in the early evenings, and the smell of rotten fruit is in the air.



It may sound gross, rotten anything is kinda gross….but, I really love it. There are tons of blackberries all through the park, and everywhere you run, walk, or bike you can smell the sweet scent of overripe blackberries in the air.


On one of our last bike rides we rode past the wild/abandoned orchard and Sky really wanted to stop and pick apples…she’s been asking all summer to pick apples, so we promised her a fruit picking trip to the park. A few days ago we grabbed some gloves (very helpful to keep hands stain free while picking blackberries), bags, and some grabby things that reach high, or low, for things and off we went to get some fruit.


We had so much fun picking fruit and climbing trees! I filled a large yogurt container with blackberries and they have been so good in my morning smoothie! Mark and Sky wondered down to the orchard and picked bags and bags of apples, and Mark found a plumb tree! The orchard is untended and very wild, but the fruit is good, and it’s free!


Sky and I made applesauce this afternoon and while a bit runny it’s really good! What a fun way to start winding down summer! I plan on squeezing in more park time to enjoy the scent and maybe eat a few more blackberries before they are gone!

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