Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for time. For having summers off with Sky, so we can spend time together. She’s so much fun, and I love spending time with her. She’s not perfect, neither am I, and we get on each others nerves, but still I love being with her all day and just having time.

Sky’s Fairy Garden, she has a whole plan for adding on etc. 🙂

Time for things like, “Mommy I want a fairy garden, can we make that happen”? Well yes we can, lets hit Big Lot’s and get the supplies. Bingo, she has a fairy garden on the deck of her tree house.

“Can we go to Dollar Tree and find something”? I have no idea what she has in mind, but we do have all day to get it done, so off we go to Dollar Tree. She picked out these paper girls, a whole package of them, and is in the process of drawing versions of friends and family.

So many crafts!

“Can we stay in PJ’s and not leave the house today”? Absolutely!

I’m so thankful that we are privileged enough to be able to make the choice for me to choose work that is schedule based and not money based. We work hard for that privilege, but I’m thankful our hard work….Mark’s hard work at his job that supports us, allows us to make the choice that my income, while nice, is not depended on. I’m thankful that it gives me the time at home with Sky that I love!

What are you thankful for?

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