Thankful Thursday

I think one of the hardest things about being a parent is how fast things change and how fast our kiddos grow. Each stage has been so enjoyable, yet so fleeting, and the stages I love best seem to be the shortest of all.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to go backwards. Sky’s going to be 7 in a few days, and I’m all about having a 7 year old. But, man I miss baby Sky sometimes. Once in a great while I get a quick glimpse of my baby girl. Usually when she’s asleep, and her face is relaxed, I see that little baby face that I miss.

She’s such a good sleeper that once she goes to bed she’s out for 10’ish hours…and you know what they say…”don’t wake a sleeping baby”, that might be even more true for an almost 7 year old! Once her bedroom door shuts, we don’t see her again until morning, so I very rarely see her when she’s sleeping.

Seriously can’t believe she’s almost 7…love the sleeping Baby Sky face. 

We had friends over a few nights ago, and were up late chatting, and Sky feel asleep watching a movie in our room. It made my heart happy to walk in our room at midnight and catch a glimpse of baby Sky face sleeping in our bed.

I’m thankful for the late night with friends (really that was so much fun!), and for Sky falling asleep in our room, and for getting a quick flash-back to baby Sky. It does my heart good to remember how much I enjoyed the baby stage. I’m guessing that in the next year or so, even when she’s sleeping that baby face will be gone. So thankful I got a little peak, and picture, to hold onto.

What are you thankful for?



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