Thankful Thursday

I can’t tell you how happy it makes my heart that Sky has a dog buddy again!

Watching Benji together.

We went without a dog for so long that I got used to how easy life was without a dog. I mean dogs take training and work, and arrangements. I was ok with the idea, but not totally jazzed with the real life of having a dog again. Let me tell you I’m so thankful I got on board with the whole dog thing. And, super thankful Mark did so much leg work to make sure we got the dog that was right for us.

Yes, a few things have been chewed, and she needs some leash training to get her where we want her to be, and there is poop to scoop….but she’s a great dog, and it’s all totally worth it to hear Sky’s giggles when they are playing together.

She has a little buddy again!

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