Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful Sky got to be “one of the girls”. Sky is a girly girl and there isn’t anything much more girly than being a flower girl in a wedding, and it’s even better when Mom and Dad are not there, and you get to be a “big” girl all on your own.

Clearly she’s there for the drinks and the cake! 🙂 

So thankful that Sky’s Aunt Tami asked her to be in the wedding, and that Grammy and Grandpy were able to pick Sky up from school early and drive her out to the wedding location for a day of hair, make-up, and getting ready with the bridesmaids.

I knew she was having the time of her life when she saw us arrive and instantly said, “Mommy I’m busy, you can go”. She was busy, getting pictures taken, and honestly I’m glad she has family she’s comfortable enough with that she’s comfortable telling me to get lost basically.


Sky did a great job during the ceremony, and after, especially since she was the only kid at an adult only wedding. And, it was a lovely wedding by the way. We fell in love with the location Robin Hood Village Resort and Restaurant (we will be going back!), and the food from the restaurant was amazing! 

So thankful Sky got to have a flower girl wedding experience and was a little lady the whole time. I love that she gets to have special experiences like this!

P.S. Wishing the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!

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