Sky’s Very Brave Weekend

Presidents Day weekend did not go as planned. Originally we were going to go camping in our new trailer for the first time. But, with the threat of freezing temps, wind, rain and snow we decided to stay cation instead. Yes, we would have heat in the trailer, but still with cruddy weather three humans and one dog stuck in a camp trailer for 4 days…gets old fast.


It turned out for the best though because Sky’s two front, top teeth have been painful and bleeding on and off since damaging them 3 years ago. The dentist thought they would fall out on their own long before perm teeth started coming in, but that didn’t happen. She was complaining about them hurting (for the 100th time), so I made the call and they got us in that same day. The dentist was comfortable letting them come out on their own, even though one of the grown up teeth was in, on top of the baby tooth. Sky was all about not having the teeth pulled, and we were all about get them out, since they have been an issue on and off for years.

Finally with encouragement from Daddy, and I’m not going to lie some bribery, Sky decided to have the two teeth pulled. She was a champ let me tell you. There was a little bit of squirming in the chair, but she did it. I’m so proud of her! She was scared, but she also didn’t want to mess with those teeth any longer…she decided a little pain now was worth pain free teeth for the future.

The bravery didn’t end there. Next she took on rock wall climbing! Once again she was a little uncertain about the whole thing, but once she got there, and got roped in, she went right up that first wall to the top! Thank goodness for auto climbers, because they do all the rope work for you, but she also got to climb some more challenging walls with a guide belaying her. She didn’t hit the top of those walls, but she got so darn close on a few of them.



I love seeing her push her comfort boundaries and take on new challenges, some fun, some necessary, but brave non-the-less.

Vet clinic at the museum.


We did opt for some good ol fun by taking her to the Children’s Museum, not much bravery involved there, just a lot of play time and acting like a kid. Pretty great stay cation for us all though!



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