Meet Ruthie

A few weeks ago Mark and I made a late night drive to the airport to pick up our new family member…meet Ruthie!


She is a 7(ish) month old Boston Terrier mix from TX. Initially we thought we were looking at a dog that was about 30 min from us, but turns out the TX shelter is part of a network of shelters, and we found her through the connection to the local shelter.


By the time we realized she was in TX we were already in love with her, and that shelter was already checking our references and chatting with our vet about what had happened with Bishop etc. About 4 days after initial contact Ruthie was making her way to us on a cargo flight from TX. It all happened very fast, but I think it was meant to be, because Ruthie has fit right into our life so easily.


I mean, she’s a puppy so there are puppy things we are dealing with, but she came to us with some basic training and she’s super responsive to training we’ve been doing with her. And, her and Sky are the best. They run, and play, and rile each other up, and wear each other out. It’s pretty perfect!

Two peas in a crate. 🙂 

We love having a dog in the house again. In particular I’m enjoying it more than I though I would. Mark and Sky were on board long before I was, but I’m so glad she’s here now that we have her!

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