Thankful Thursday

Leading into the Holiday Season I was pretty sick, and it lasted for months. So long in fact that I missed runs with friends and a race. But, thankfully was able to run again and made it to my New Years Day Trail 5K! (I hadn’t run since Oct 15th…crazy to do a race with zero training)!

The whole crazy group (minus one kiddo who was running late)! Thank’s for the selfie skills Elya! 

Even better Elya registered for the race the day before and I got to run it with her! And, even better our hubbies and kiddos joined in on the 1 mile fun run! Thank you to Ryan and Mark for taking on kiddo duty while Elya and I ran into the new year together!

My babe and baby, but not my dog. Got lot’s of questions about that. Team Yeatman is finally feeling dog ready again, but just not sure what dog/situation will be right for us. While we wait to decide we are thankful to have friends that let their dog come over for a dog sleep over so we all get our dog fix. Miss Molly is a great dog, so easy to have around, and Sky LOVED playing with her & having her sleep in bed with her.

I love when spontaneity leads to running with some of my favorite people, and then leads to post race yummy food and mimosas!

So thankful I got to end my year with my two favorite people, and then begin my year with some of our favorite people (and I only had one coughing fit during the race…I’m getting better)!

Lot’s of things to be thankful for…but especially thankful that 2018 started the way it did!

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