S’mores With Friends

We usually save s’mores for camping only. But, our last camping trip of the season I was sick, and we cut it short, and it was still dry so there was a burn ban…no s’mores without flame!


I’m not going to lie I felt so let down after that trip. From being sick, to not having a camp fire it just felt like a little bummer. And, we had a ton of s’mores fixings just sitting around begging to be eaten.

Solution = invite friends over at the last minute for a s’mores roast around the fire pit on the patio. Seriously this was the easiest thing ever. Sometimes I want to host friends, but I don’t feel like doing the whole full blown dinner thing. S’mores roasting is the perfect solution! I chose to keep it simple with traditional fixing’s, but you could get a bit fancy with flavored chocolate, homemade marshmallows, and cookies instead of graham crackers if you wanted to make it a little special.


I’m hoping we can find an evening for hot chocolate and Christmas tree lighting next month. Keep it simple and enjoy time with people we care about.

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