Thankful Thursday

I’m a pretty positive person, and usually it’s easy for me to find things to be thankful for, or happy about, even when it’s been a shit show of a day. There’s always something good, even if you have to really look for it sometimes.

Not from today’s run…Thank you for the pic Ella!

This week though, it’s been a rough one. We all know why. Add in commentary/opinions on social media and wow. Actually it’s not the opinions themselves that bother me, it’s the belligerent, screw everyone who doesn’t agree with me, attitude that is used when sharing opinions that just gets to me.

Anyway…I’ve been feeling pretty cruddy all week. My emotions, my mind, my heart I just can’t take much more.

Thankfully Elya was free to run with me this afternoon, and you know what it was a cruddy run, as far as the run itself goes. It was just hard, and it didn’t feel good (I want to say it’s because it’s my first run after being sick for 3 weeks, but I know it’s everything else as well).

But, there is something magic about running with one of the best people in your life. I feel like I can smile, like getting out of bed tomorrow will be easier, like there is some good in this world. Even hard runs that feel cruddy are still so good for the heart and mind when running with an amazing friend.

Thank you Elya for the run therapy….I feel so much better. Your kind spirit, listening ears, and wise words were just what I needed.

Can’t wait for next weekends race with you, Ella, and my cousin!

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