From The Kitchen

I have a confession…I receive 5 magazines a month that are dedicated to cooking, and 2 more magazines that while not cooking magazines always have seasonal recipes in them…that’s a lot of recipes to read!

My recipe backlog is embarrassing really. I’m sure I could cook 3 full meals a day and it would take months to work through all the recipes I have piled up. I mean I love to cook…but…that’s a lot! Plus I have 5 new cookbooks I’m diving into. Good think I like reading recipes and finding the ones that spark my interest!

Mile stack of recipes to try, not pictured the new cookbooks I’m working with as well.

We eat a lot of new to us meals every week, and most of the time they are pretty great, but I have had a few misses as of late. Thankfully there was a standout in a string of just ok meals from Cooking Light Magazine. Total side note, but I don’t even know how I started getting this magazine…I didn’t subscribe to it and have never renewed the subscription, it’s not a magazine I get much out of, but it just keeps coming! I usually just glance through it without much thought, but I did find a keeper of a recipe in the last issue.

Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Ginny Branch

The Louisiana-Style Chicken Soup was so good that Mark is still talking about it days later and it’s going on the next two week menu cycle (I plan our meals two weeks at a time) and I’m making a double batch next time! I wanted way more leftovers than we ended up with.

:With the food allergies in the house I gave up on gumbo a long time ago, it’s hard, if not impossible (for me anyway) to get a good roux without gluten and/or dairy involved. But, this soup packs in all the gumbo type flavor without the roux, we didn’t even miss it. So good, and so worth giving it a try!

Check out the recipe for Louisiana-Style Chicken Soup I don’t know if Fall weather has kicked in were you are, but it is here and this is sounding like the perfect meal to warm up with!


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