Wa. State Fair & Steven Tyler

Gosh guys I have had a crush on Steven Tyler for like 30 years, and was so excited to see him at the Wa State Fair Sunday night! I mean what a perfect way to end summer…the fair with Michelle, and Steven Tyler!

Photo C/O Michelle’s mad selfie skills! 

I loved that Steven was able to do some Aerosmith songs his way, tell the stories behind the songs, interact with the crowd as Steven Tyler, not as the front-man for Aerosmith…I’ve been to tons of Aerosmith concerts, and there is a difference between Aerosmith Steven Tyler, and Steven Tyler. Bonus, his country band Loving Mary is an amazing band in their own right! A hot summer night with a bunch of brilliant musicians and vocalists rocking the fair…yes please!

Photo: Tacoma Weekly Staff photographer Bill Bungard…our seats were not that close!
Our view.

Before the concert we had fun enjoying the fair kiddo free. I had no idea there was a roof-top bear garden, and I finally had a Fair Scone. I have been missing them my whole life…so much yummy! Really it was just fun to be there with Michelle and not be responsible for anyone else for a few hours.

photo c/o Michelle

Once again, thank you Michelle for being my concert buddy! I know you had to put up with me squealing like a little girl over Steven. 🙂


Now I feel less sad about Aerosmith doing their farewell tour. I mean they have had a great run as a band, and it has to end at some point I guess (plus the last few concerts Steven and Joe of have been at odds and it shows). Steven on his own though, that I can be excited about…I can’t wait to see what he does next!


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