Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Country Music Festivals and a friend who is willing to do crazy fun things with me even if it may not totally be her thing.

Photo Cred: Michelle

One of the local country stations puts on an end of summer Hometown Throwdown, and for years I have wanted to go. Usually we are in Whistler the last weekend in Aug, and the years we have been around it just hasn’t worked out. Plus, my concert buddy isn’t huge into country music, so there’s that.

Not a bad view from the beer garden! Photo Cred to the funny couple sitting in front of us…they were a hoot!

This year was the year though. We were in town, the tickets are silly low for all the acts you get (10 or 11…all with current top hits), and Michelle was game to go with me.

We had so much fun. The music was great, the beer wasn’t cold (it was so hot we couldn’t drink it fast enough, but it was still good!) and we even got a little do-si-do in with a polite cowboy who just wanted to twirl a couple of pretty girls (his words not mine).

Seriously a great way to “end” summer with an all day party! I’m thankful I go to spend such a fun day with Michelle, and check off a local event bucket list item. Totally want to go again next year!

Sunset behind the stage was so pretty….hard to do it justice with a phone camera. 


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