That’s a Wrap

I know summer is not technically over until Sep. 22nd, but once the new school year starts it feels like it’s over. Today was the first day of school for Sky, and I seriously can not believe we have a 1st grader in the house. She is so excited (although a little worried because in first grade there is no rest time), but I feel like Summer is over, winter is coming (feeling very GOT), and my sidekick is not around. Sad face! I just miss her when she’s not here.

Aye, Aye Captain…ready for 1st Grade!

She has Mr. Schnackenberg, and her missing tooth means she is able to say his name perfectly with the right accent and everything. She was pretty proud of that, and super excited to have a male teacher. She says she’s the most excited about getting back to PE, and popcorn Friday’s.

I LOVE that she picked out those shoes for herself. They are a boy shoe, but she loved them and couldn’t have cared less that they were a boy shoe. 

We spent our last full summer day together in the kitchen, pretty much baking all day long it seemed. We went big with Monster Chocolate Chip Cookies, and small with Banana Protein Muffins. Sky is the best little baking assistant ever, and was excited to pack her baked goods in her lunch today.

So darn good! 




It’s back to school for me as well with my first sub job this Friday, which I’m really looking forward to! I’m ready to get back to work and make some extra $$ for us!

She was so excited to lose her tooth “just in time for 1st grade!”

For those heading back to school Happy New School Year! Have fun, and learn lots!

P.S. – Getting ready for school PSA – if you can get away with shopping kiddo free do it! I started stocking up on leggings and t-shirts back in July when Fall stuff was hitting the shelf. Sky doesn’t need to try things on just yet for sizing, so I shopped a little bit here and there for months, and have plenty of shirts and leggings! She was so excited to go through her clothes and pick out her outfit, it was like shopping for her going through the pile. For school supplies I ordered from Amazon. The supply list only had 4 things on it, so it was totally worth it to me to order it and not go out shopping for it. 

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