Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that we (finally) received the post card with Sky’s 1st grade teacher, and her orientation time! Orientation is Monday and school starts Wednesday and I was getting a little stressed about not knowing.

We are so excited she has a male teacher this year. We loved her K teacher, but sky is girly girl, and was very caught up in what her teacher wore (which was pretty much always dressy and stylish, which fed into Sky’s focusing on fashion and how she looked for school) so we are hoping with a male teacher that will be less of a “thing” this year.


I’m also super thankful that the supply list called for three things…pencils, crayons, and a pencil case. The composition book is a bonus item that Sky really wanted and everything else on the list, like a backpack etc, we already had from last year (I’m not that parent that gets her new stuff every year, if it’s still good she’ll still be using it!). Last years supply list was very long, very brand specific, and expensive. So I was relieved to see such a short list. But, isn’t there always a but, I ran into one of the other moms from school today and she said she found a different supply list (one that is very similar to last years) but that list was dated 2015/2016. The list I found was on the district website. So, I may show up at orientation and find I don’t have everything she needs, but I’m keeping the good feelings going for now and pretending that we have everything, and are ready to go.

Mostly I’m thankful that Sky is so excited to get back to school, and to be a first grader. She’s even excited about having a male teacher. If we can keep up this love of learning through all her schooling I will be over the moon!

Now it’s time for me to start adjusting to her being gone during the day and not having my favorite little person to hang out with.

What are you thankful for today?

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