Soaking Up The Last of Summer

Sky and I took advantage of being off school and took off for a few days on the sunny side of the state. We timed it perfectly, because it was a cooler week at home, so heading to the low to mid 80’s side of the state was really nice.


Seriously spent so much time in the pool(s). So much time in the sun, soaking it all up!


There was a new horse and hay pile at Grandpa’s. Brought back so many childhood memories of getting hay for our horses. There is something so fun about a hay pile to climb.


Grandma painted a bunch, like a bunch, of really amazing rocks for Sky to hide. We found a lovely trail along the river and had so much fun finding the perfect spot to hide each rock. A few days later Grandma went back and walked the trail again and the rocks were gone. Sky was so excited wondering what kiddo’s found the rocks.



After that it was a trip back in time to one of my favorite cookbooks ever! As a kid it was tradition to make monster oatmeal cookies from this book for our camping trips. I was so excited to be gifted a copy of the book…I remember those cookies and think about them every time we go camping. Sky and I made a batch to share with Grandma and oh my goodness. They were so good! Better than I remember. I can’t wait to make the chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Last week was our last full week to ourselves before things have to start happening for us to be ready for school. There are supplies to pick up, teachers to meet, and I have new badges, and base passes to get so I can work again. It’s back to real life, but it was sure nice to sneak away for a few days and just enjoy summer.

I LOVE waking up with her in the mornings. She is all about cuddling and waking up slow, and I love that! 

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