Teddy Bear Picnic

Way back in July we went to a little thing called Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Curran Apple Orchard in University Place. Total last minute decision to go check it out, but we figured it was a lovely sunny day, and a free event, and Sky was so excited to take one of her bears on a picnic, so we grabbed our picnic supplies and headed out.

We got lucky and ran into the Beckham ladies and enjoyed our picnic with them! It was a really fun event with tons of activities to keep the girls busy for hours, a teddy bear parade, live music, and princesses wandering around. Had I packed more wine we could have lounged for hours! 😉

I’ve been paying attention to the numerous free summer events in the area, there are a lot! We haven’t been able to enjoy most of them because we’ve been gone so much, but I’m already planning ahead for next summer and hopeful we will have a quieter summer (not complaining, we are having tons of fun, just feels like it’s been busy).

I love that she picked Pooh Bear to take to the picnic. That is the very first thing we purchased for her when we started the adoption process. Oh, and a funny side note…I LOVE the pants I have on, but Sky says they are embarrassing because they look like pj’s. I don’t care, I still love them! 


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