Hands On Children’s Museum

Last year one of the kindergarten field trips was to the Hands on Children’s Museum in Olympia. Sky loves it there, but she did not love the trip with her class so much. She was forced to do what the group wanted to do, and didn’t get to spend the time she wanted to doing what she wanted. She was so mad she told me I don’t need to go an anymore field trips with her class. (Whatever…I’m still going, she can deal).

The one thing she wanted to do on her field trip was spend time in the “Vet Clinic”, but none of the other kiddos in her group wanted to…that’s what pushed her over the edge. She played in there for ages while I sat outside the window and read my book.

I told her we could visit during the summer, just her and I, and she could do what she wanted for however long she wanted to do it. So, that’s what we did. She had 4 hours and complete control over where she spent her time, and she was in Children’s Museum heaven. She may beg for a baby brother or sister every day, but being an only does have it’s benefits. And, being able to do exactly what she wanted for as long as she wanted is one of those benefits.

I highly recommend a visit to the museum if you are local. Totally worth it and right now Groupon has discounted tickets!

Umm, yea she spent a good hour of her time on this stage singing, dancing and pushing the applause button on the sound effect board. Girl will create her own hype when needed!


She’d be a scary officer!
She still insists she wants to be a police officer. We shall see.
See Mommy I’d be a good older sister. I know she would, that’s not the issue. We are just done that’s all.

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