Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Team Yeatman vacation time. We tend to do a lot of trips and long weekends with friends and family, which we love. But, I’m always thankful when the three of us go on vacation and enjoy ourselves, and enjoy each other. (Not that I’m thankful we don’t have our friends/family with us, just thankful that if they can’t be with us we are ok just being the three of us…although all we heard from Sky all week was how much fun she was going to have with her cousins during the second part of our trip…which I’m fine with because they are pretty awesome, and she only sees them every few years).

I want us to be each others best company, and even though I know we need breaks from each other, it feels good to spend a solid week just the three of us, and enjoy it! 

I’ll share more vacation stuff once all the photos are edited etc…Mark has a ton of great photos that I want to share as well!

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