Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for being spontaneous. We didn’t really have a plan last weekend. We had lot’s of unplanned free time mixed in with some Fathers Day fun. We had a few hours do something before Family Fathers Day BBQ Saturday afternoon, so we hopped in the car and figured it out as we drove. And…it was kind of perfect!


We discovered a really great new restaurant that we can’t wait to go back to. If you are in the Parkland area, or even if you aren’t (totally worth the drive) stop by Roast House  ! We had a bummer experience at our old go-to fave place, the food was just not good, so it’s nice to find a new favorite place to visit, and the prices are great! I mean $14 for lamb chop, in Merlot sauce with roasted veggies, and it was to die for good! I love that the menu, while on the smaller side, is diverse in options, all of which looked so good. Sometimes when the menu is too big it just makes it hard to decide what to order. Small side note, they are applying for their liquor license so if you are into wine with food (like we are) it’s coming! A good glass of wine would have sent the lamb dish over the top!


After that I thought it would be fun to go see the worlds largest rubber duck that was visiting Tacoma. We were sort of iffy on this plan. Lot’s of crowds, and not sure  how close we would actually get without having to pay the entry fee into the Tall Ships Festival, and the hassle of parking downtown. We were ready to bail on the plan clear up until we parked (we are always happy to hang out at home vs deal with crowds), but we thought Sky would have fun seeing the duck.


So glad we went ahead and ventured downtown. We ran into all sorts of fun things! There was a skateboard competition we watched for a bit,  ran into a Quinceanera photo shoot and Sky totally thought she was a princess and the birthday girl was gracious enough to take a picture with Sky, the rubber duck was cute and Sky was a bit amazed by it, and we ran into a good friend while drinking margaritas at Casco Antiguo  . Um, if you like spicy margaritas they have a really good one! And the churros, don’t even get me started on the churros…so good!

duck drink
Duck Margarita

Thankful for an unplanned family adventure with my two loves!


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