Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful that the school year is over! Looking back at my NY goals I knew this year was going to be one of crazy change, for Sky and I individually and us as a family. Getting on board with the school schedule…it wasn’t easy, and I’m still trying not to resent it. But, school’s important and we love the school she’s at and what she’s learning, so we make it work.

thank you
Thank You Poster from a 4th grade class. Those kids grew so much this year!

I had no idea a year ago that I’d be a para sub with the district, but once I took my first assignment, and ended up landing at a school for 6 months, I was hooked! I LOVE my job, and, while I’m savoring Summer Break, can’t wait to get back to it August 30th! I’m so thankful it gives us extra $ and keeps me on the same schedule as Sky. Plus, I have ton’s of flexibility.

First day of school. 

Sky made it through the year even through there were classmate challenges and the frustration of nightly homework. She was not a fan, but she does love math, art, Spanish, PE, and likes learning how to read.

All in all I feel like I embraced my goal of rolling with the changes, finding a job that worked for our family and for Sky, and man I just feel like we are all in a good place.

K Graduation
Kindergarten Promotion Day.

Super thankful that my last day subbing (Tuesday) of the school year was back at the school I spent 6 months at. It was so nice to see students and co-workers again, and to be included in the classroom celebration thanking the para’s and other teachers that were extra help in that class. Some of the students that I had very little interaction with still had Thank You’s to offer about things that I had no idea stuck with them. Helps me realize what sort of para educator I want to continue to strive to be.

                                                                       Last Day of School!

So thankful to be able to look back over the school year and feel good about what Sky accomplished, feel good about the job I did as an employee, and feel good about how we, as a family, adjusted to school life!

What are you thankful for?

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