Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for hours of quiet and for trying a new recipe full of gluten and dairy. Let’s be clear, Sky and I miss Mark like crazy when he’s traveling. But, we do our best to make the best of it.

Sky makes the best of it but taking over his side of the bed, and his night stand. She likes laying her things out on his table and pretending it’s hers. The only down side is Sky sleeps sideways and kicks me in the ribs, but when she isn’t doing that it is pretty sweet to snuggle with my kiddo!

I’m dealing by enjoying silence. Not that Mark is noisy, or that I don’t love having him home, (my first choice it always to be home with him), but I’m hardly ever home alone for any length of time. As an introvert I thrive on down time. In all honesty I could go days and not say a single word to anyone and feel so content with that. So, when Mark is away, after Sky goes to bed, I take advantage of not talking, interacting, asking/answering questions, or discussing life. Now, I love talking to Mark and interacting with him, and Sky to, but this is a rare opportunity to really recharge my battery and just be totally alone and silent several days in a row. It’s not like I’m doing any deep or meaningful thinking, I’m just being, and not giving or taking anything from anyone, and that’s nice sometimes. I managed to start and finish a puzzle, finish a book, and get caught up on shows that he doesn’t watch with me. Totally ready for him to be home though!

We also like to eat all the gluten and dairy we can while he’s gone. There are just some recipes that can’t be altered without ruining them. So it’s nachos with lot’s of yummy cheese, pizza (yes we have some great GF/DF options for him, but it’s not the same without cheese), and a new recipe I tried from Food and Wine: Smoked Gouda Carbonara

Photo from Food & Wine website, the recipe is listed on the site as well!

I highly recommend it! Fair warning, it is very rich. I would go with a small serving of Carbonara and a large side salad to help balance it all out, but it’s so worth making it.

While I’m thankful we have made the best of the week without Mark we are both so thankful he comes home tomorrow! Safe travels babe!

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