Thankful Thursday

Today I’m Thankful for timing that allowed me to go on a field trip with Sky.

Jumping in the hay pile on the farm!

I feel so fortunate that I ended up in a long-term sub assignment, and feel equally fortunate that it ended when it did. While I was really sad to see that job end, it’s hard not to get attached to co-workers and students, it ended at the perfect time!

There is so much going on at Sky’s school these last 5 1/2 weeks of school, and while I can choose what days I work as a sub, I committed to a long-term, FT assignment and would not have taken the time off to “have fun” at Sky’s school had the assignment not ended.

Learning how veggies were chopped back in the olden days at Pioneer Farm.

Sometimes we may not always love the timing of life or how things work out (I was feeling a fair amount of sadness and denial that my assignment was actually ending), but often times we find that things work out for the best in the end.

Straight razor (it was totally dull no one was going to cut themselves. 

So thankful to have full control of my work life these last weeks of school. There are field trips, field days, K graduation, and a ton of volunteer opportunities to help make all those things happen. While I’m picking up sub jobs here and there as they come up (so excited to have several days scheduled back at the school I was at for most of the year…can’t wait to see some of the students and staff again!), I’m really looking forward to being as Sky’s school as a volunteer, and hopefully a sub!

When we got home yesterday Sky told me the best part of the field trip was having me there with her….so thankful I could be there with her!

She was more excited to ride the bus (first time on the school bus) than she was to visit Pioneer Farm.


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