Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for not knowing what to wish for.


Over the weekend I celebrated my birthday in a very low-key camping kind of way. We did have cupcakes though, and candles to blow out…thankfully not 42 of them…only 5 or 6, because it took me forever to blow those things out.

Lovely way to spend a birthday! Had a few hours to  myself while everyone else fished.

The thing is I couldn’t think of a single thing to wish for. I have an amazing husband, a kiddo I adore, a job I love, a home, food in the pantry, enough money to afford extra things like vacations etc (if we save for them), wonderful friends, awesome family far and near, and the list goes on. Not only could I not think of anything to wish for, it felt greedy to ask for even more.


I eventually thought of a wish that seemed appropriate and blew out the candles before they dripped wax on everything. And I sat there eating my cupcake being thankful for the many blessings in my life. While we work hard for our life, it doesn’t seem like hard work, and we are so lucky that our work pays off. Some try just as hard and can’t catch a break. I’m just so thankful for the family and friends in my life, and all the things we have that make life enjoyable. So thankful!

Lovely hike on my birthday!

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