Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for boring. Lat week (at work) was a week. There was all sorts of “fun” going on, stressful conversations, reports to be made, emotions (mine and others) involved. In the end it all worked out. It’s the first week I’ve had with this job that left me tired, worn out, sad, and worried.

So today I’m so thankful for a “boring” week. Nothing exciting to report, just going about my days doing my thing, getting stuff done.

I’ll take boring any day, I don’t need the roller coaster ride of emotions, I don’t want drama and don’t need to be involved in every little thing. That’s not what I enjoy, not what I thrive on. Calm, quiet, easy going, coasting along…things clicking as they should, now that’s what I like.

I’m thankful to feel a lot more peaceful this week!

Peaceful view from a not so peaceful (lots of slipping and sliding) and very muddy trail run earlier in the week.

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