Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for running with Michelle!


She’s the one I started running with, the one who knew me when running 1 full mile was almost unthinkable. She knows it took months to be ready to run my first 5K, and she’s also the one that has been up for any and every crazy running idea I’ve had. I don’t know very many people I could call up and say I need you to be ready to run a 1/2 in 3 weeks (she had not been training to run a half!), and she did it, and then proceeded to become a Half Fanatic with me through two more 1/2 marathons.


Life you know it gets busy, and there have been back issues, care accidents, and each of us focusing on running in the way that is best for us individually. We don’t get to run together much, but when we do it feels comfortable…like coming home. Running with the person who has known you as a runner from day one…race #1 is special!


We did a virtual 5K to celebrate Yellowstone’s Birthday last night. It was cold, and we got rained on, and we probable didn’t say more than a handful of words the entire run, but it still felt good…still felt like I was spending quality time with my friend. And, the pace was right up there, for me anyway, so it was a good workout!

Looking forward to our next run being a bit warmer and not wet!

Thank you for sharing your photos Michelle and for being such an awesome running buddy!

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