Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for my first race of the year! It feels good to start the year off with a fun cross country style 5K on a golf course.

After a few weeks of bitter cold 40’s are feeling down right warm this week! 

Oh my goodness was it cold…so thankful Elya is always up for the cold, wet, windy, snowy, hot, steep, muddy, crazy running adventures. My fingers hurt so bad from the cold that it took 2.5 miles of running for them to finally warm up. I thought something was really wrong, I had gloves on too! And, I wasn’t feeling my best energy wise. Half way though Whole30 on race day and my energy level was crap, but I still had fun even though I didn’t feel very peppy.

I really enjoy the Metro Parks sponsored runs. They are smaller, cost friendly, and are about having fun. I’m at a point in running that I couldn’t care less about finish time, I just want to enjoy running, and enjoy running with friends.

Makes me feel excited to see what this year brings my way as far as running. Hint…contemplating a huge race…leaning towards for sure doing it, even though I’m a little scared of it. Just have to figure out some planning/family logistics before I commit…but it’s exciting!

What are you Thankful For today?

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