Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for library books.


Sky has been checking books out at her school library for a couple of months now, and she always picks the most interesting books to read! It’s like a little peak inside her head…seeing what she interested in, and hearing what she thinks about the books.

She came home from school yesterday pretty upset (she started crying when she talked to me about it…this girl loves her books!) because she was told she couldn’t get another book as one was still checked out to her. I knew all her books had been returned to school, so I went in today to figure out what was going on.

She showed me what she had done with the book, and she had put it right back on the shelf where she had gotten it from.When we talked to the librarian he said she had two other books that had not been checked back in. I told him she was putting them on back on the shelf rather than the book return. So, he gave us the call numbers for the books and sure enough when I went over to the shelves each book belonged on, all three books were in the exact right spot on the shelf, in perfect order.

The librarian and I were both pretty surprised…I mean some adults have a hard time with shelving books in the right spot in a library! He rewarded her with a treat, and showed her the book return so she knows what to do when her latest book goes back to the library.

I’m thankful Sky loves to read, that she’s making good use of the library, and for the peak into her world her books give us!

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