Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Alaska Airlines!

Our little traveler!

When we booked the trip to Disneyland we opted not to tell Sky we were going. Mostly I didn’t want to hear about it non-stop for weeks. But, then we had the problem of when do we tell her, and how? I was all for not saying anything until we were walking into Disneyland, but we were pretty sure she would figure it out. What to do?

I have a friend who works for Alaska Air and figured why not message him and see what our options were. Jason was awesome, and more than willing to coordinate, from SF mind you, with the manager on duty so we could surprise Sky. I was able to sneak some Mini Ears to the manager without Sky knowing, and the plan was they would call her up to the desk at the gate, and give her a card that said she was going to Disneyland along with the Mini Ears.

Funny story, as we were waiting we kept hearing passengers being paged overhead and Sky asked why their names were being called. I said I didn’t know, and then Sky says “I bet they are in trouble, I sure hope they don’t call my name”! I was cracking up inside.


When Sky heard her name she looked around like what do I do?! When she got up there the manager, and the pilot were waiting for her, and broke the news to her. She was in a bit of shock, and I’m not sure she really knew what was going on. But, the really cool thing was the pilot told her when she boarded to visit them in the cockpit and see all the controls.


Here we are on our way to DISNEYLAND, and they had already made her day by letting her sit in the cockpit. She was jumping in her seat and kept telling me what a great day it was, and thanking me (sadly Sky and I were not able to sit with Mark…last minute travel woes :)) for letting her fly. Little did she know what was in store for the rest of the trip!


I’m so thankful that Jason was willing to help us out, and that all involved took a few minutes out of their busy day to make Sky feel special. They all truly went above and beyond!




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