Hello to a New Year & New Goals!

With the new year right around the corner I’ve been thinking of what my goals are for the new year.

If you don’t make them you won’t achieve them!

My goal last year was a bit abstract. To be open to all the changes life had in store for me with Sky starting school, and me being a bit more free to work outside the home. Open to new opportunities in general. I knew 2016 would hold a bit of mystery for me, and I really had no idea what to expect.

I feel like I met my goal pretty well. From enjoying my first chefs tasting menu and giving up complete control over what I was going to be eating & drinking for 5 courses, to co-chairing a board for the local healthcare system, to becoming a para educator I feel like I’ve been open to all the opportunities (that were right for me) that came my way.

Our family theme was Team Yeatman. Focusing on our family of three, being content with doing things just the 3 of us (more a lesson for Sky than anything, Mark and I are pretty content just being us), and making sure things are “right” in our house before letting “outside” things in our home/life. Sky came up with a Team Yeatman high five, and I feel like she has a better balance of doing things with Mommy & Daddy & inviting friends/others when it’s appropriate.

So, where does that leave me and our family theme for 2017?

For myself I have a few goals this year:

-Zero coffee in my life. I already started working on this actually. I transitioned myself to decaf coffee last month, and come Jan 1st I will not be drinking that anymore either. Bottom line it bothers my stomach, and I don’t even like coffee that much. I like all the yummy stuff I put in it, so I can drink it, but that yummy stuff is not what makes me feel good, and it’s not what my body needs to function properly. So, no more coffee for me.

-I really want to get 3 runs in a week, and 5 pilates workouts in a week. I know that sounds like a lot, but some of my pilates workouts are only 10 min a day, so it’s totally doable. I’m going to make my workouts/runs a priority. They will be scheduled on my calendar and when friends want to do fun stuff it will have to happen after the workouts. Putting my health first!

-Reorganize the kitchen pantry (for the 100’th time). It just doesn’t work well…it’s a corner pantry, so stuff that ends up shoved to the back corner is unseen and gets lost. I have tried so many things, and have yet to land on the “right” way to organize it for me. I think I’m going to pull everything out and start over from scratch (this will make it easier to ditch things I don’t really need as well). I want to feel happy, rather than frustrated, when I open the pantry door.

-Disconnect more. Now that my Jamberry business is no longer active (I’m still a consultant but mostly for myself and the few loyal customers that still order from me) I don’t need to be on FB as much. Most of that business was run via social media, and it feels good to not “need” to be connected so much! While I love having the ability to stay in touch with friends/family all over, and see what is going on in their life, I also feel like it has created a bit of disconnection. When I do see people in person I don’t feel like there is much to talk about, or say, because it’s all been posted on FB. It’s gotten to a point that we can “see” people every day on FB, so why bother meeting up in person? I want to change that. FB used to be the first thing I’d do in the morning while drinking coffee, so for starters I will break that pattern. Which will push it to the afternoons, which is workout/homework time, so automatically my connected time will be much less, and I like that. I’ll start with FB, not leaving out IG, Twitter etc, but I don’t use them as much and don’t find the level of discontent with them that I do FB.

-Find an outlet for my cooking/food dreams. This is an abstract goal, but for a bit there (before I started working for the school district) I had a few things I was mulling over, and meal prep/delivery opportunity I was working on. I still love cooking, loved teaching the class I offered, and love hosting food focused events. I feel like I need some sort of outlet, but am not sure what that may look like. Potential seasonal pop-up dinners, more cooking experiments with friends, dinner parties? I don’t know, but the desire is there and I want an outlet for it!

Team Yeatman ready to Explore more in 2017!

As for a family theme we are still holding onto Adventure (from 2 years ago), and Team Yeatman (last year). Adding to our tapestry of themes 2017 will be about Exploring! Specifically more back country, off road type stuff. It’s pretty close to the adventure theme I know, but adventure was more about finding adventure in everyday things, like going to the grocery store and trying a new fruit or vegetable. Exploring is going to get us back to some tent camping, no cell phone service, hiking to hidden treasures etc. Off road, off trail, off the beaten path!

I’m thankful to have spent another year with my two main loves! Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings our way!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and an amazing 2017!


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