Thankful Thursday

It’s the last Thankful Thursday post of 2016! If I were a “real” blogger I’d go through old posts, pull old pictures, and re-cap all the things from 2016 I’m thankful for. But, while I really do blog, I also really do live a real life, and I’m choosing to spend my blogging time enjoying being off school with Sky for Winter Break.

In thinking back over the last year there is a lot to be thankful for! The one thing I’m going to be thankful for today though, is appreciating how a passing comment from a, for the most part stranger, has changed my life this year.

So thankful that my work schedule works for our family! And, yes that is a pic from Disneyland…there are more to come along with a “how we did Disney with a 5 year old” post! 

Back, early in the summer, one of the other swim moms mentioned she was considering becoming a para educator, her aunt was one with the district, and the schedule would match her sons school schedule. (Her son is also a Kindergartner at Sky’s school). And, the rest is history, as they say.

It got me to thinking that maybe I should look into para educator for myself, and see how realistic it would be. I can’t say I had a burning passion to be a para educator, but I did have a burning passion to be home when Sky was home, and not deal with before/after school childcare.

I really had no idea I’d love it so much. I love going to work every day, I really do. I love the challenges, mostly because when those challenges are met, and dealt with, I can see first hand how it impacts the kiddos. It forced me to step outside my comfort zone, and study/take a test I was not confident I could pass (the Para Pro test), which I did…go me! 🙂 And, the job has changed over the weeks, and is keeping me on my toes, and teaching me new things every day.

In a perfect twist of fate, that swim moms aunt is a para educator at the school I’ve been working at, and I adore her so much! She’s been wonderful to work with, and offered advice and guidance when needed.

So today I’m thankful for a seemingly “innocent” conversation with a for the most part stranger. It’s taken me down a path I didn’t anticipate, but am enjoying! And, the best part is I get to be home with my favorite 5 year old ever!



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