Oh Christmas Tree….

I know there are strong opinions out there about trees. People are either strongly in the fake tree camp, or the live tree camp. I guess we have a foot in each camp. And are lucky enough to have the space to pull off both types of tree!

Our fake, indoor tree.

Our trick…the live tree goes up outside! Seriously I have zero desire to deal with pine needles on the carpet and vacuuming every day, and frankly we don’t have a ton of room inside for a tree anyway. So, we have a 4 foot table top tree in the living room, and a 13 foot noble fir on the patio outside the living room window.

Our outdoor tree…and it snowed just a few days after we got it…so perfect! 
When it snows one must make snow angels! 


I can sit on the cough and enjoy the view of both trees, and it makes me so feel so cozy & happy!


I love the process of going out and finding our outdoor tree (man Sky was super picky about the tree and ended up picking the perfect one!), cutting it down, and then blasting the outdoor speakers with Christmas music while we decorate it!

Trying to get under there to cut our tree down!


Decoration Committee!
Decorating the garage next to the tree…she’s such a good helper! 

It makes for a fun Christmas Tree Lighting with friends as well. If you have the space outside I highly recommend and outdoor tree to add even more cheer!

View from the couch…love all the warm glow from the lights and Holiday Cheer! 


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