From the Kitchen – Meatball Bar

I have a new favorite thing… it’s a Meatball Bar!

While I can’t take credit for the idea (I watched The Kitchen and they did a Meatball Bar) I can tell you it’s the easiest way to serve a lot of people, and assure there is something for everyone. Well, maybe not the vegetarian, but our party was made up of all meat eaters, so it worked!

My little meatball bar set up.

For real, I don’t know of an easier way to feed a lot of people, without being stuck in the kitchen, during the party…and when we are serving wine, or any alcohol I try to make sure there is something of substance for people to eat, and this was perfect.

I got a bag of frozen Italian meatballs from Costco, cooked them up, in batches, in the microwave, and then put the in my IP (pressure cooker) on hold warm, and never thought about them again.

For sauces I did a jarred marinara sauce that I added cooked onion, garlic and Italian seasoning to (just an FYI I find the Kirkland brand, at Costco, to be very sharp tomato flavor, next time I will go with a different brand) stuck it in my slow cooker on hold warm, and never looked at it again.

Chimichurri for the win! I could put it on anything!

Lastly I made my favorite chimichurri sauce, I can’t share the recipe because you have to be a subscriber to Americas Test Kitchen to get it, but here is one that is very similar: Argentine Chimichurri Sauce and called it a day (actually it didn’t take all day, only about an hour).

Party people could serve themselves and pick the sauce they wanted, and I was able to enjoy the party, and not be in and out of the kitchen re-filling or cooking more food. It was perfect!

I love this idea so much, and the sauces can be switched out for whatever you want…BBQ, alfredo, teriyaki, A1 sauce, peanut sauce…I mean it goes on and on! For sure my new party go-to when I’m hosting!


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