Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for a break from the rain! We have mid 60’s and sun, and after record rainfall in Oct., it was heavenly to enjoy a sunny afternoon with Sky.

The view from the Chambers Bay playground. I didn’t even get around to reading my book, just enjoyed the view while Sky played.

I’m also thankful for getting that “I’m a stay at home mom, carefree not reporting into a job outside the home, I can do what I want with my time” feeling back. Guys I LOVE working at the school, and I’m adjusting to the new role I’m filling while one of the teachers is out on maternity leave, but I’m not going to lie…working outside the home, then coming home and being “all that” to Sky, Hubby, house…dude it’s not easy.

Oh man I remember when she was little and we couldn’t let her do things like this because her elbows dislocated too easily…look at her now!

It felt so care-free to chuck the afternoon schedule, and not worry about the to-do list, and just go to the park and play in the sun…like the good old days (you know the good old days from like 3 months ago lol). So thankful for some fun, non-homework time with Sky after school today!

Making a mental note to do this more often!

What are you thankful for today?

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