Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for tag teaming with Mark on homework.

Mark and Sky…they have there own thing going on, and their own way of doing things that is totally not how I do things…and I LOVE that!


Thankfully I think we all get to the same finish line, at the same time, we just take different routes to get there, and that’s ok. We know what the end goal is, and we achieve it all the same.

Mark handles homework different than I do, he has a way of helping/teaching/explaining that is different than how I do things, but it works. And, better yet when I’m struggling to help Sky with something, if Mark takes over it’s with a fresh outlook and approach, and Sky responds totally differently.

Sight words are their thing to work on together. We tag team it…I start the homework before dinner, and he finishes it after dinner by going over her sight words with her. Team Yeatman really is working together to get this school thing figured out, and I’m so thankful that we are settling into a routine, and so far managing to get it all accomplished. Somewhere in the middle of it all Sky is learning letters, words, numbers, Spanish, and the beginnings of how to read.

So thankful for my little team, working together, and getting “it” done!

What are you thankful for today?

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