Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for Eleanor! Not only is she one of my oldest friends, and a truly amazing friend to have, but she’s also a gifted stylist. I know I’ve posted about Eleanor and Embellish Salon before, but I’m doing it again, because I just love her and the salon so much!


While I’m always thrilled with how my own hair turns out, I’m thankful and amazed at how Eleanor, and the whole salon make Sky feel.

She LOVES going to get her hair cut. She comes away with a beautiful hair cut, thank you Eleanor, and with a huge smile on her face after all the interaction and compliments from everyone at the salon.

It’s hard being a girl (being bombarded with fashion, looks etc all the time)! Especially being a girl that looks nothing like mommy, and who has hair that is pretty much the exact opposite of mommy. My heart hurts every time Sky says she wants hair just like mine and that she doesn’t like her hair.


Thankfully Embellish Salon offers a confidence building place not only for grownups but for girls to feel like they own the world. It’s not just about looking good, or having the on-point hair cut, it’s about feeling comfortable in who you are, and what you believe in. Being free to be yourself, and have others understand and accept that. It’s like hanging out with the best girl friend(s) in the world every time you visit. The fact that is extended to Sky, a kiddo in an adult salon, is pretty great in my book.

She’s always very pleased with herself when we leave, and I’m so thankful to have Eleanor and all the ladies at the salon as part of the village that’s helping shape Sky and her view of herself!

If you, or your mini-me needs a confidence boost, or a fresh cut/trim give Embellish a try! You won’t be sorry…and you can join in the confidence building village!


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