My Last Half Marathon!

Well it’s in the books guys, I ran my last half marathon, and I couldn’t have picked a better race, or had a better partner (wish Michelle could have been there as well, her and Elya and my main running squeezes, hope the back is better soon Michelle!).

Celebrating after finishing!

I don’t know what to say other than we laughed (a lot), I cried (a little), we had fun, I got irritated (why is there always a hill at the end?!), the sun was out, and the trails were pretty amazing. It seems fitting that my last half was also my very first trail half. I got to hang it up where my runner heart is happiest…out in the woods!

I mean the trails were beautiful!

Evergreen Trail Runs is a very well run organization, and their trail races are always special. The Tehaleh Trail Race is no exception. It’s tied into the local communities Harvest Festival so it was extra special with lot’s of food, and free activities for families waiting at the finish. Mark and Sky went up in a hot air balloon, visited vendors, played inside a hot air balloon blown up on it’s side, and after I finished there were carnival rides and activities for all of us to enjoy.

Blood = legit! So many sticker bushes…I was scratched up!

I can’t wait to run the 10K next year, and actually be able to enjoy the activities a bit more. I was pretty wrecked after this race, my knee hurt pretty bad, I had a head cold, and was just tired after close to 3 hours of running. My slowest half ever, but man we had fun, and some of those trails were very technical so I’m happy with it.

We are so goofy and have so much fun!

The whole time I kept thinking this is it, it’s my last half, and you know what…I’m 100% ok with that. So excited to focus on 10k’s, picking out fun races to do, work on pace etc. The best part is I can pretty much run 6 miles at an given time. I don’t need to train extra for it as far as working up to the distance. It’s not a distance that leaves me feeling wiped out after, I don’t need to worry about in-race fuel, or scheduling life around training and race day. It’s a huge relief mentally, and physically (especially for my bad knee) to focus on a more doable, yet still challenging, distance.

Free fun after the race!
Post race fun!

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