Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for disconnection.


There are so many distractions in life, things happen so fast, and there is so much technology to suck up our time.

I worry about managing it all, limiting Sky’s screen time…limiting my own screen & technology time. I grew up playing for hours and hours every day outside. Running wild with my sister in the woods…having great adventures.

I want that for Sky. I want to make sure she can enjoy the simple things. Enjoy things that don’t scroll, beep, and notify all the time.

It feels like a major win when we can just walk through an apple orchard, looking at trees, enjoying all the different apple colors and chase bees (she will get stung one of these days I just know it). She want’s to own an orchard now and asked if we could sell our house and move to an orchard.

Even if only for an hour we got it right. We slowed down, turned off, and just walked and talked…completely disconnected, yet connected in the most important way.

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