Serious Summer Fun

So, I know I’ve been posting a lot less, and I really want to fix that. But, sometimes life just has to be lived and not posted about all the time.

Crazy hair day at VBS

This summer has been extra busy with our friends Grace & Kiera being with Sky and I 4 days during the week.

Not a bad way to nap! The sunblock we go through! 


While it’s been super busy, it’s also been super fun! We’ve had cupcake wars, treasure hunts, massive fort building, a food cart, gardening, chalk city planning, VBS and lot’s of time in the sun (when we have a sunny day).


Living room fort!

Sky it getting a taste of what having a sibling would be like (no there are not plans to add to our family) and I think it’s helping her navigate the daily negotiations that go on between kiddos & prep her for school in a few weeks.


School in a few weeks…I can’t believe I just typed that! YIKES!!!!!!! We must find time for the age old tradition of school clothes shopping…yet another thing that will take up blog time.

Hunting for flowers…
…hunting for treasure.

Seriously though, if there are any readers left….thank you for reading…and I plan on getting back to at least 3 posts a week….maybe once summer is over I’ll do a challenge of some sort…I miss posting and having this outlet for life.

Scavenger hunt at the park
Cupcake wars…so fun!

For now it’s time to enjoy the Olympics and  the last few weeks of summer!

Chalk city
Every time we get in the car…I guess I’m doing a good job of keeping them busy!
Snack cart.

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