Hydrotastic Weekend

We had so much fun at Water Follies in E WA, and got a summer sun fix…talking triple digit temps! That’s something we just don’t get in W WA…shoot we are barley getting summer sun at all right now. (It’s cool and rain on and off right now). Boo.

Red solo cup photo bomb.

We camp out on the river Friday, which is practice runs, heat qualifications etc, and the practice air show. We get to see the air show, watch the boats, eat and drink all day long….without the crowds, and without paying to get in! Pretty sweet, and it frees up the rest of the weekend to have fun with friends, let kiddos run around, eat yummy food, and wine taste…I mean what else would we do in E WA wine country?


Go, go Hydro Boat…staying cool in the river on a HOT day! 


Playing Dress Up with Aunt Michelle’s summer stuff! So stylish! 

14 Hands Winery…one of our faves!
Yummy eats and sips! 


Always a fun weekend full of friends and family! Now to enjoy August in the PNW and get ready for school to start!

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