361 – One Degree Beyond

Guys, there is a new running shoe that is totally turning my head! I had the chance to test run the 361 Spire last week, and you know what, I really liked it! I liked it so much that it may be my next road shoe!


They are a newer shoe company, one I’d not head of actually. So, when I heard that Asics and adidas fans would like them, I was excited and a bit skeptical. I’ve stopped testing out the vendor shoes at the group run because my adidas ultra boost are perfect for me. They just work and I love them. But, I’ll give the new shoe on the block a try, and offer honest feedback to the rep (I know him from his work with another line).

During the run I liked how the upper felt and where the crease line is behind my toes, no pinching or discomfort there, and I’m picky about the crease line! The landing feels similar to the Ultra Boost, but with a bit more substance, which I liked a lot. The big difference was the push off. I’ve gotten used to the Ultra Boost springing my foot off the pavement, and that doesn’t happen with the 361 but I still liked it, and it didn’t feel like hard work to run in them. adidas feels so easy to run in, so I judge all shoes by that feeling, and the 361 felt pretty comparable, even if less springy.


The biggest win for me though was that my knee and hips felt great with zero pain during or after the run, and I didn’t get blisters! I’m so susceptible to blisters, even getting them on just 3 mile runs, so to not feel any rubbing, or beginnings of a blister is huge for me!

There have been shoes that withing the first half mile of the test run I’m hating them, and kicking myself for trying them. Not these though! The 361 Spire felt really good and I enjoyed my run from start to finish. So much so I’m sad that the store doesn’t carry the shoe. But, I’m hopeful, because the feedback from those in the group that did try them was really good. Everyone liked them and had good things to say. Until I can get them through the store I’ll have to order online from their site.

Check them out, read the reviews, see what Runner’s World has to say…everything I’ve seen so far has been really positive, and then give the new shoe on the block a try for yourself!

P.S. this is not a sponsored post, I’m sharing because I truly liked the shoe and like to help out the “new guy” when I can.



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