Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for last minute fun with Elya!


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Aerosmith fan, and have had a “thing” for Steven Tyler since I was 12. He was in Seattle last week, and while ticket prices & the hassle of getting up there (Friday afternoon traffic is no joke around here) ruled it out I was able to catch Loving Mary, the band he’s doing his country tour with.

It was a total last minute decision that I wasn’t super sure about. But, since they were playing in Tacoma I figured $10 was worth the risk of seeing what I was hoping would be a good show. I mean if they are good enough for Steven then they are good enough for me right?!

I guess it was meant to be because I got tickets last minute, and literally hours before the show texted Elya to see if she could go with me. Thankfully she lined up babysitting super quick (not always easy to do) and was up for an adventure!

I mean worst case I figured we get there, have a drink, and if the band was not great we sneak out and find something else fun to do. But that was so not the case. First of all I LOVE small venue concerts! I mean small, like 100 people or less. You run into band members in the bathroom, just walking around like normal, and they stay and talk and visit after the show, so much fun!

This has been on repeat in my car since Saturday night! Love it!

If you have not heard Loving Mary yet, then you need to fix that! Visit Loving Mary, listen to the samples, and order your CD, you won’t regret it! The show was a perfect mix of originals off the CD, with a few well known covers thrown in. Every note sung was perfection, and the harmonies, wow!

You guys they put on a great show! So much fun on stage, great sense of humor, and you can tell they are all very talented as individuals, but together as a band, they are incredible! It’s not easy to hold the attention of an audience that most likely doesn’t know your music, but they did it, and their original songs were solid, really solid!

They so don’t need “Steven Tyler’s back up band” as a footnote (although it’s a great footnote to have!), they are the Loving Mary Band, and you need to know them!


So thankful that Elya and I got to go to the concert, that I discovered new music to love, and a new band to follow, and that I got to spend non-running time with Elya. Not that I don’t LOVE our running time, but it’s fun to hang out and not be sweaty and smell like a mountain goat (me that is, not her!).

What are you thankful for today?

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