It seems like every summer we make a point to take control of our schedule, and make sure we aren’t overbooking ourselves. While we enjoy traveling and exploring, we also really enjoy being home, and we really, really enjoy how lovely it is around here once Summer kicks in.

Treasure Hunt!

But, all to quickly we blink our eyes and realize every weekend between June 1st and August 31’st is booked, solid. Booked with fun, but booked non-the-less. I don’t handle that very well. Looking at a booked calendar stresses me out and makes me want to bury my head under the pillows, and sleep the summer away instead. First world problems I know…like I said, it’s not like we aren’t having fun.

Exploring Ft. Nisqually at Pt. Defiance Park!

So, while I was sad I would miss out on seeing family, I was also ok with our July trip being postponed to a less busy time of year. We were able to sneak away for a short trip for the 4th, and then come home and staycation like pros!



It’s actually really fun sleeping in, starting our day whenever we want, hanging out just the 3 of us, and exploring our own “backyard” so to speak. There is something to be said about spending stress-free vacation time at home as a family…you can enjoy your home and home-town in a totally different way!

Candyland and wine…the perfect combo. Adding bistro lights to our wine patio makes it feel so fancy and fun!

I think we need to start scheduling a staycation every summer!


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