Living The Sky Life

A glimpse at life with Sky as of late. It’s been a fun summer so far and we are only two weeks in!

Recovering from fun.
Playing boats, with Grandma, at Bass Pro Shop…we can kill a good hour doing this!
Pre-K Graduation!
She’s so excited for her “big girl school”!
We find ourselves at the playground almost every day!
Putting her to work cleaning out gutters. Just kidding…she likes climbing, and being Sky, up in the sky!

It’s so easy to be busy during the summer. I know I schedule in a lot of “down” time. Time with no plans, no play date, no leaving the house. Sky is fueled by cuddles, at the end of busy days I always hear, “But Mommy we didn’t even have cuddle time today”, and them we cuddle and all is right with the world.

She needs down time, I need down time, we all need down time. It’s easy to forget that life doesn’t have to be lived at full speed all the time. It’s ok to live life in the school zone, taking in the sights, living slow, enjoying peace and quiet.

Here’s to a summer full of fun and cuddles!

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