Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for camping!

We were able to get away Memorial Day Weekend to Mayfield Lake with our friends, and enjoy a lovely weekend of camping, and celebrating Sky’s birthday with them, since they were out of town her birthday weekend.

Last year Bob and Sky baked a cake in camp for her birthday, so of course it’s now a tradition! She wanted a pink cake with purple frosting!

I’m a lot sad that this is the only camping trip we have all summer. While we have plenty of fun things/trips planned, camping isn’t in the cards, at this point. It’s crazy how quickly a summer fills up, but I’m holding out hope we find time to sneak away, even if only over night. Or, maybe fit in some Fall camping.

camp cuties! 

Anyway, we fell in love with the area around Lake Mayfield and will be returning as soon as we can make it happen! Lots of lake time, lots of hiking, wildlife, and exploring…it’s worth driving around a bit and visiting the smaller towns, you never know what you’ll find!

So much fun fishing. The pond had just been stocked and all three girls caught two fish each!

Lake Mayfield Resort & Marina  reminded us of Dirty Dancing, on a smaller scale, and with more fishermen around. 🙂 The general store had all the basics covered, including wine when we ran out (I know right?!) and hosted a dance every evening in the open air dinning/event space.

All 3 girls got whittling knife’s and a safety lesson. They all opted to make magic wands as their first project.

Our spots were perfectly located next to the sport court, field, and playground, which let us lounge in camp while watching the kiddos play and have fun, and have a quick game of T Ball.

So much fun, and I’m super thankful we were able to get at least one camping trip in!

Sleep over in the Beckham camper…we wore them out!
Bald Eagle!



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