Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for things like my Mom’s Jr. Prom Dress.

Playing dress up in Grandma’s Jr. Prom Dress. 

Dresses and jackets from when my sister and I were little.

Things that were saved, and handed down from kiddo to kiddo, and held onto. Things that found there way to Sky, amazingly given I was pretty firm in my thinking that I didn’t want kids. Things like a baby blanket with my name cross-stitched on it.

I’m thankful that someone(s) thought to hold on to these things (I didn’t think to since I didn’t think I was going to have kiddos to pass those things on to), and that they found their way to Sky.

In this day and age of instant everything, and being able to buy mass produced anything it feels good to have a few things that have stood the test of time. Things that were made by loving hands, and/or have meaning behind them to individual family members.

I hope Sky will be able to pass these things on when she decides (if she decides) to start her own family.


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