Jungle Adventure

Sky is all about going on Safari and having a jungle adventure. I think we may watch too much Naked and Afraid, but she loves it and asks to watch it every single day. A few times a week she gets her wish.


Anyway, it was so nice last week, and she really wanted an adventure, and we live close, within walking distance, of a huge park with miles and miles of area to explore. So Team Yeatman set off on an adventure.


It ended up being pretty uneventful really, other than the geese. Those that know me know, I don’t do clowns or birds. They both scare the crap out of me and I keep my distance. So, you can imagine how much I loved being down this close to geese, with babies non-the-less.


The one closest to me started hissing, and I was too scared to move…Mark was just behind my right shoulder keeping Sky back, saying to move slowly. I just wanted to jump up and run, but managed to keep it together until it seemed safe to stand up and move away.

It’s amazing what we can do when our kiddo’s are watching. I learned from the whole zombie house at Halloween (Halloween) that if I react Sky will react. I had to momentarily put my fear aside so that she wouldn’t freak out, and potentially have a lifetime issue with birds as well.


I may have had more adventure than she did, but we did succeed in tiring her out, so that’s a win in the end!


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